Saturday, April 28, 2007

Blogging the NFL Draft

I realize this is my second sports-related post, but bear with me. Usually the NFL draft is a relative snooze-fest with Mel Kiper waxing poetic on where the picks should go (seriously, Mel has a job that anyone who has the ability to pay attention to college and NFL stats could do). It isn't that I hate Mel, but I revel in it when he is wrong on his picks.

Take Brady Quinn, for instance, who was predicted to go in the top five, or at least top ten, went at number 22. 22, that is not a typo! The Browns traded the Cowboy's 22nd pick, in what must seem like a miracle for Cleveland-ers, to get Quinn (the Browns took OT Joe Thomas for their number 3 pick). While this is probably very devastating for Quinn, who will likely see a decrease in the number of millions he is paid this year, it provides drama that a run-of-the-mill draft lacks. The only thing that could have been more shocking is if Quinn wasn't taken at all and dropped to the 2nd round. Now, who wants to make their guesses on what the Cowboys got in return from the Browns?

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Kolby said...

Thanks to my illness, I watched nearly the entire first day (that's DAY, not round) of the Draft. I thought the husband was going to blow a gasket when Quinn wasn't selected in the top ten. He's a big ND guy.