Thursday, April 5, 2007

In honor of my friend the Wizbian...

First of all, I must get this out of the way before I begin my rant: I do NOT watch American Idol. I did watch one season, it might have been the second or third one, and I can honestly say I remember none of it. A very good thing for my brain, as far as very good things go.

So, why am I so pissed off about this Sanjaya kid? Is it because I can't shuffle my way to my living room couch, fumble with the remote, and squint at the TV in hopes of seeing a weensy wittle bit of Matt Lauer without getting slapped in the face with AI 'news'? Instead of a tidbit of useless information to get my day started or the wave of joy I feel upon hearing Chris Hansen's voice, I have Mo Rocca and some flunkie from TV Guide doing their damndest to explain the why, god, whys behind Sanjaya's, um, success (?). This is not news! It is not news that this kid cannot sing a note - like I said before I DON'T (I swear!) watch this dreck, but anyone with a computer or television set has been subjected to at least a snippet of Sanjaya's vocal poison. And it's not news that Howard Stern has launched a campaign to bring about the demise of the ratings behemoth that is AI by urging his minions to vote for this no-talent hack. SO, why does Ann Curry care so much? Why is Al Roker asking the fans outside Rockefeller Center what THEY think about Sanjaya's longevity? There has GOT to be something else they can talk about, something important, something riveting.

American Idol IS news, you say? You ARE riveted?

Oh, ok then.

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