Monday, April 23, 2007

Dressing for the Weather

Do you know just how badly I wanted to call in sick to work today? Before I shut my (envy-inducing green) eyes last night, I hoped I'd wake up this morning having contracted some mysterious illness that would prevent me from properly functioning at my desk for 8 hours. I mean, the Weather Channel told me that today's weather would be near-perfect. Sunny, mid-eighties, low humidity, a light breeze - see what I mean? Who can work on a day like today? Who can pound the keyboard while the birds sing, the trees sway, and the sun shines? Me, obviously, because that is exactly what I've been doing since 9 am. And I'm paying for it. You see, in my excitement over today's outdoor situation, I failed to remember what the weather tends to be like inside my office building. And that's cold, damn cold. And I have no pantyhose on. And my shirt has three-quarter length sleeves. I am shivering, dammit. OK, yes, my shoes are adorable, but the fact that you can see most of my toes in them is causing me agony. I need a blanket, and a hot cup of tea, and my House DVDs. I think I have a headache, and my throat is a little scratchy. Maybe I am a teeney bit on the ill side after all...leaving early is almost as worth it as calling in...dontcha think?

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Kara said...

I sense a bout of the flu coming on, you'd better get home and rest* up so that you feel better tomorrow and aren't passing germs around the office.

*Please read "rest" as: play with adorable doggies whilst the perfect weather lasts.