Friday, April 13, 2007

An Ode to the Masters

In listening to Dan Patrick's radio show yesterday I heard his schtick with Rick Reilly. Now, I am a fan of Reilly's pieces in SI (and am royally pissed that when you go to you cannot read his pieces, and are given some video that is supposed to make up for it, note to SI, it doesn't), but I had no idea he was so bawdy!

On Dan's show Reilly was talking about the Masters and how Zach Johnson would likely be waiting tables at Olive Garden in 5 years. Dan's reaction (and mine) was to remind Reilly that Zach Johnson played on the Ryder cup, there are many worse golfers on the tour. Reilly was being a blowhard about how Zach is the same age as Tiger and Tiger has 11 more Majors than Zach, blah blah. So now we compare every golfer to the "Tiger standard"? What is that about?

Anyway, they move on to talking about how the Masters was kind of boring because there weren't any big game, risky shots, really. Dan used Retief Goosen as an example. His play on the 13th (a par 5) was very conservative. Dan argued he should have been going for it in two (like Tiger) instead of obviously playing it safe and going for par. That is when Reilly chimes in with "Yea, when I was in the writers' booth later, the "Sopranos" came on and I looked up and said 'Hey, that's the second Big P***y I've seen today!'"

Dan even seemed shocked that Reilly had said it on national radio and while I'm no prude, I always thought Reilly was this intelligent, funny, witty, even suave kind of guy, not the loud mouth, anything for a shock, bozo he was yesterday.

At least I didn't have to hear Keith Olbermann turn the focus of every conversation back to himself.

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