Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Short, sweet and to the point.

In the form of an e-mail conversation.

Lisa: Everyone is wearing sandals, thoughts?

Kara: It's not even that warm...

Lisa: I know!! No stockings? Go for it. Peep toes? Sure. But, sandals!?!?

Kara: Way premature. I get it, you're excited it's sunny, but keep your wits about you. If you still have to wear a jacket, it's too cold for sandals.

Lisa: I wholeheartedly agree.



K said...

Do you guys actually work over there???

Kolby said...
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Kolby said...

WHat about flip flops?

Dr.K said...

Flip flops should be reserved for The White House.

Kara said...

For the White House and maybe your wedding day. ;)