Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Oh allergies, how you plague me...

Albany, NY is only number 88 on the AAFA’s Spring 2007 “100 most challenging places to live with allergies” list, but it’s still pretty bad here. I guess the fact that I don’t normally have allergies and I’m still suffering says something. I’ve tried various medications to correct it, but nothing seems to be working.

Tylenol: No help whatsoever.

Sudafed: I’m sorry, did I just drop acid?

Benadryl: May as well be a tranquilizer dart, it makes me fall asleep so fast.

Claritin: Ambien incarnate, even the non-drowsy formula.

Zyrtec: Again with the sleepies.

Alavert: Um, this is exactly the same medicine as Claritin, WHY did you prescribe it to me when I told you I wouldn’t take Claritin because it makes me pass out? Honestly… What a waste of a $20 copay.

Allegra: “Upset stomach, menstrual cramps, back pain, cough, fever, stuffy nose, earache or dizziness may occur.” Um… No thanks…

Clarinex: “Throat discomfort, muscle pain, nausea, indigestion, loss of appetite, diarrhea, dizziness, fatigue, trouble sleeping, nosebleeds, or dry mouth may occur.” I think I prefer the sneezing…

So basically, I’m going to continue sneezing, itching and throbbing until Spring is over, because even though allergy meds are a multi-billion dollar industry, they can’t make something simple to make me stop sneezing without passing out or alternately having PMS. As most women would, I’m sure: I’ll take the sneezing over the ovary hockey any day.

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Kolby said...

I use Singulair. It's not as good as the Allegra/Nasonex concoction I used to shove down my throat/up my nose, but it's getting the job done.