Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Ice Cream Man

I swear to GOD I have super-sonic hearing for the Ice Cream Man, ONLY. (Yes, I know I’m 25, thankyouverymuch.) He doesn't come to our house, but when we're at my husband's parents' house I can hear it from like three streets over when I'm INSIDE and even further away when we're outside. His brother and I do the "steal money from Mom's purse" scramble and wait outside like a bunch of morons with no shoes on for 15 minutes until the Ice Cream Man makes his way past all the stupid kids who can't decide what they want. GOD. Just get your stupid baseball-glove-on-a-stick-with-bubblegum-baseball-center pop and get OUT OF MY WAY!!! Ooh… Now I want a chocolate éclair…

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