Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Something to gush about...

Sometimes it's very difficult to think of fun & exciting topics to blog about. Seriously, look at us, we at Hating The Player haven't had much to say as of late. And it's no surprise, either. We, as Americans, tend to be fickle & easily bored, not only as observers, but as commenters as well. Think about it, we - all of us - find something new & pretty to be obsessed with, we can't get enough of it (whatever it may be - a television show, a new restaurant, or, in Kara's case, a pair of kicky heels), and then two weeks later we have to remind ourselves just exactly what about it fascinated us in the first place. I bet if you look back on even the past 3 months of your life, you can come up with a handful of things you've been utterly obsessed with, things you thought you simply could not live without. Come on, give it a go.

Here's Mine:

1) Wentworth Miller - I know I have touched on my undying love of all things Wenty in the past, but I haven't yet delved into the deepest reaches of my obsession with the man. I must admit that my affection for Wentworth has subsided since Season Two of Prison Break came to a close a month and a half ago, but my heart still skips a beat whenever I come across a picture of that face - and believe me, my Photobucket account is brimming with them. No, seriously...it is.

2) Ballet flats - I bought a pair of these on sale at the Gap last month, and they are so freaking comfortable and seem to match every outfit I own. Now, while I am aware that, in all probability, they do NOT match every outfit I own, I am still in love with them enough to try to convince myself of just the opposite each day as I slip them on.

3) "House" - the husband and I only recently started watching this show, which just ended its third season on the FOX network. I remember stumbling upon an airing a couple of months ago when I thought Prison Break would be on. Well, Prison Break had the week off, and I had Hugh Laurie in all his scruffy, bitter glory - and I was in love. I ran out and bought the first two seasons, and the husband and I reveled in our pajama'd-ness as we devoured every episode. What's that you say? The premise of each and every episode is essentially the same? Wouldn't that get old after a while? Well, yes, the plotlines do tend to follow similar story arcs, but I don't care. It's rather comforting, you know, and it works just fine for me.

4) Babies - this may be because a few of my friends have recently been welcomed into parent-dom, or because every celebrity magazine and blog is filled with photos of expectant or newly post-birth movie star moms, or because my damn hormones are, per usual, out of whack. I don't know, but lately I've been drawn to websites like Celebrity Baby Blog and Celebrity Baby Scoop (they're essentially they same site, I don't know why I still check them both out), and I keep shoving pictures of babies and baby rooms and baby shoes and baby toys into the husband's face. And what movie did we just see? "Knocked Up", of course. My mother would be so happy to be reading this right now.

Your turn.

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Kara said...

1) Babies – We do have the same perfect-baby-having friends and they tend to pop out the cutest kids on the planet.

2) Charmed Re-runs – I never watched the WB show when it was on, but a few weeks ago while I was home sick I caught a few very odd episodes. Presently, I’m so pathetic that I’m DVR-ing each and every syndicated episode that airs on TNT every day (that’s four, by the by,) to watch when I get home from work. What can I say? I’m a sucker for a far-fetched poorly-acted show where hot ckicks kick demon ass in heels.

3) Nail polish – I’ve always loved it, but recently I’ve become obsessed. My current favorite colors are: OPI’s Chapel of Love, the pinky-coral that I wore on my wedding day; and China Glaze’s Don’t Touch My Tiara, the most perfect fuchsia for a summer pedicure.