Thursday, June 14, 2007

Doesn't everyone?

I recently spent a few hours in the emergency room for something that wasn’t a big deal at all and turned out to actually be a huge waste of time, but at least my mother got a good laugh out of it.

I had to give a urine sample, so I was getting out of bed and putting my shoes on when my mom noticed my shoes (a very fabulous pair of gold Nine West sandals) for the first time since we had been there.

Mom: Are those the shoes you had on when the paramedics showed up?

Me: Yes.

Mom: Do you always wear gold lamé shoes around the house?

Me: Yes…

Mom: Of course you do.


Porter said...

I'm not at all surprised!

Kate said...

I saw them, too... but I thought it best not to mention them when the nurse was looking at you like you were on crack when you mentioned you discussed poop over dinner. :)