Friday, August 10, 2007

Shouldn’t we be learning from this?

We got Guinness at the end of April, and now that he’s potty trained, he’s eating everything in sight instead of peeing on it. First it was the molding in the kitchen, then the wall in the kitchen (how is that even possible?) and last night I

came home to a pile of ripped and chewed up paper on the floor that I recognized as our Dave Matthews Band tickets for Tuesday. Imaging explaining that one to your husband… He was obviously less than pleased, but luckily The Warehouse was able to replace the tickets with picture confirmation of the mess our little guy had made.

You’d think we would learn from this, no? We’re getting better, trying not to trust him so much yet, but he’s so cute it’s hard to be strong around that little puppy face. So for now we’re just trying not to keep important stuff below a six foot level in the house, because he always manages to get to it otherwise.

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Kate said...

Oh, Guinness... you should eat your daddy's shoes and not your mommy's beautiful aqua wall!!