Wednesday, July 4, 2007

The Draw of Lincoln

My husband is in DC working for the week and called me last night around 11:30PM to tell me that he was touring around with co-workers, hitting up the presidential monuments. He said when he came around to the Lincoln Memorial it was packed with families and children even at that late hour. Then this morning he called to tell me it was still packed out! So, my question is, what does Lincoln have that the others don't? I mean, maybe the Washington Monument doesn't have the same allure as the memorials that feature statues of the presidents (although I remember when I was about 5 you could still go inside, not sure if you still can with the security concerns), but then surely Jefferson would be as big a draw as Lincoln (which incidentally is where my 5 year old self learned how to pronounce "Thomas"). Maybe people are just more familiar with Lincoln, see him as a sort of father figure, and are attracted to the serenity of the gargantuan President sitting in his chair.

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